Our Products

We specialise in bespoke furniture.

We specialise in smaller environments.

Our Beds & Mattresses

Check out the bed section, we believe our beds and mattress are probably the best in the country. We have worked for years to bespoke each bed or mattress to the end user, YOU!  At Apple Healthcare we say it a lot, but you are special and unique. If you have issues, illnesses, mobility problems and most of all, if they are causing sleep apnea, you’re in the right place because we can help you!!

Rise and Recline Chairs

We make each piece of furniture for the end user.  There are 68 million people in the UK, and we are all different. We can make over 100 million variations of our chair. We have never failed to completed a project, and we have never failed to deliver a chair or suite of furniture that exceeds its expectations. High street shops and many of our direct sales competitors claim to have the same chair. Beware! We do not make chairs for anyone else or sell to any other company – many of our unique features and quality is not seen. We use German actions NOT Chinese, that’s the difference.

Scooters and Power Chairs

It’s a minefield!  We work with KYMCO mobility products! Why? Because they are the most reliable, best designed and we think built to the highest standard.


  1. Are all Mobility scooters the same? Are all cars the same? NO, No, No – there are the Lada’s of the mobility world, we don’t sell them.
  2. Why are there different prices? Build quality & components
  3. I can see your scooter cheaper on a website! Of course, there are always people who will sell you products cheaper; the issues arise when there is a problem! Who do you get to fix the problem?  We are invested in keeping our clients and helping them throughout their lives. Also, If you live in a retirement scheme – we MUST keep everyone happy! It’s a fact.