Apple Natural

The Apple Natural mattress is hand made in the UK from the finest materials available – luxuriously layered with wool and silk, both natural fillings for superb comfort – cool in summer and warm in winter with excellent moisture control. The Apple Natural is hand side stitched for extra comfort and stability and comes with a choice of a medium – soft feel on the 1200ct or a firmer feel on the 2150ct pocket spring tension unit.

Feature Detail Benefits
Mattress 1200 ct or 2150 ct pocket spring unit Promotes natural alignment of the spine / ensures that your weight is evenly distributed / reduces the amount of strain put on your body/ offers an increased amount of air circulation to provide a comfortable bed temperature.
  Layers of natural wool and silk A more natural alternative than other materials used in mattresses. The wool and silk both offer an added luxurious level of comfort and work with your body temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  Hand stitched Offering added support
  Non slip base panel Keeps the mattress in place
Base Upgraded base Featuring stylish cream wood finish and raised rubber end caps for added edge to edge support
  Premium motorised adjustable frame Offering unique, customisable support to different areas of the body which can help relieve minor aches and pains, promote better circulation and an improved posture.
  Improved slat system The Elite slat system offers increased ventilation whilst still adapting to pressure exerted on to the system resulting in improved back support.