Adjustable Mattresses

Adjustable Mattresses

Adjustable BedsMany people believe that mattress are the same wherever you purchase them from? If you were to buy a £500 mattress from DREAMS (they enjoy a mark up of about 66 per cent) so, the mattress you have purchased was made, usually shipped from China and delivered to Dreams for £165.33. Wow!!

Our mattress
We have a selection of technically advanced products which have been specifically designed to help you sleep! This includes the core products, pressure relieving layers and the coverings

Profiling Mattresses
We have three specific profiling mattresses. Each mattress has been designed to adjust (profile) on an adjustable bed. Each mattress has different properties that help to elevate sleep issues and restful sleep. Each mattress is constructed using your weight and body height.

1. Latex
2. Cool Gel filings
3. Natural

1. Apple Latex – features a layer of 100% pure latex on your weight related reflex foam core.

2. Apple Cool Gel  – revolutionary mattress treated with a Thermo-Gel® finish, which cools only when there is an increase in humidity and temperature.

3. Apple Natural – 6000 individual pocketed, hand tufted, natural filing which include cashmere, silk and wool and can be made Zonal (when each half can be created for the individuals weight. This is a true Royalty mattress!

Apple Latex Adjustable Bed Apple Cool Gel Adjustable Bed Apple Natural Adjustable Bed


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